Real Estate Agents and Social Media

Working with real estate agents is one of my favorite parts at LOTUS. Often when we start our exploratory meetings, they’re shocked that they’re not getting online engagement. “I post every day!” is a common phrase. While the quantity of posts is crucial, there are dozens of other factors that create a healthy online presence.

Scrolling through the feeds of agents, there’s a common thread across their Facebook and Instagram profiles; houses. Every post is about a new listing, clever caption and a simple call to action. Agents can’t understand why this isn’t working! A simple question we ask rearranges their entire way of approaching social media. “Would you follow a page full of ads?” The short answer is no.

Real estate agents aren’t special by the nature of the business. The market offerings are relatively fixed. Negotiations on pricing can be helped with an agent, but at the end of the day, the market is relatively fixed (outside of pocket listings). An agents selling point is their brand.

Our clients in real estate understand their competitive edge is their ability to empathize with certain communities. We create a strategy to then cultivate them as a leader in those communities. Their community may be young families looking for their first home, retirees looking for their last home or anything in between. Creating a brand around these communities is a specialty at LOTUS.

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