The Death of Long Term Contracts

Don’t get locked into a bad relationship. One of the saddest things we hear at LOTUS is a when a potential client who’s excited to switch over reviews their current agreements and realize they’re locked in. I’ve heard clients locked in for up to three years with a provider. Our minds are always collectively blown when we hear stories like that. Long term contracts don’t benefit anyone but the agency.

Often times, those long term contracts don’t have any mechanisms for accountability on the agency side. While an agency can’t guarantee performance, a year-long agreement to “run and optimize Facebook ads” needs to have some measurable goal and reconciliation mechanism if it’s not met. It’s adjacent to being scammed. You’re sold a bill of goods, but you don’t get any recourse if you don’t ever see them.

At LOTUS, we never require long term contracts. We believe our results will speak for themselves month after month. While we do offer discounts on long term and multi-location engagements, a majority of our clients are month to month.

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