Twitter and Small Businesses

Small businesses are by far the most confused with Twitter as a platform. They don’t seem to understand how Twitter is one of the most powerful ways to create connections if done properly. Running ads you would on Facebook or posting images you would on Instagram isn’t nearly as effective on Twitter. The entire platform is hinged on one large difference, conversations. When businesses are able to harness this, the engagement they find on Twitter outperforms their other platforms.

Wendy’s is a great example of this. You won’t see them tweeting about a new location opening or special. They do the same thing Spotify does, troll people. Making fun of those talking bad about them, antagonizing their competitor’s profiles and boosting up their fans. Twitter isn’t where someone goes to learn more about a brand’s special deals, it’s where they go to interact with it. They want a personal conversation with the company.

In order to facilitate those conversations, companies that have someone full time dedicated to Twitter are the ones that win. Small business owners have ten thousand other todos, combing Twitter just to talk with someone isn’t top of the list. Reach out to us at LOTUS, we can take care of this engagement for you and manage your entire online presence, for less than a full-time employee.

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